Micrograph images (born-digital or subsequently digitized) are available from the collections listed below; please click on the collection name and associated links for further information.

The Gretchen and Stanley Jones Palynological Collection

Along with physical microscope slides, in 2014, more than 5,000 digitized light micrographs and scanning electron micrographs representing more than 500 taxa were gifted to the BRIT Herbarium. Some or all of these micrograph images were previously hosted online at, however that site is no longer active and has been archived.

In order to serve these images in the BRIT Pollen Image Gallery, the following steps were taken for organization and searchability: (1) taxonomic names were only corrected for spelling (but the original name was preserved), and therefore there may be names listed that are not currently accepted, (2) Current taxonomies for higher classification were extrapolated from names provided, (3) any images lacking family data, or higher taxonomy, were omitted from the gallery, (4); any image whose genus could not be confidently determined was omitted.

It should be observed that while most micrographs are likely represented by herbarium vouchers (Gretchen Jones – Amanda Neill, pers. comm.), not all are deposited in the BRIT Herbarium

The following links provide additional information:

GSJPC Micrograph Catalogue

GSJPC Microslide Catalogue